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Gas Station Tax-free bunkering

Dear English-speaking visitors,
welcome to Helgoland's boat petrol station.

Due to construction work refueling currently requires an obligatory registration by telephone in order to receive your place and time of refueling at our gas stations!! 
On-Call Service: +49 151 65865220 (available to the shop time)
Harbour store: +49 4725 8008980
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Our duty free Diesel fuel is colorless and therefore is available to release for free traffic. Our fuel prices are stable for weeks on end. Nevertheless, costs can change at short notice.
Our per litre pricing for Diesel fuel is valid as of jan.04.2020:

Dieses scaled prices per litre  from 10 to 499 l 0,86€
" from 500 to 999 l 0,83€
" from 1000 l 0,81€

At the moment, prices for premium gasoline are at 1.75 € per litre.


Fuel canisters can also be filled on land. During the day we drive the fuel onto the pier near the boats. Please label your canister!

  • Only two vessels can refuel at the same time. Please go alongside the docking float and do not raft up to another vessel.

  • While waiting for a space, maintain a safe position in the harbour.

  • Mooring lines are available on the docking float

  • Prepare the refueling process by opening the filler cap and ready a cloth.

  • Send someone to shore to make payment and prepare your vessel to make room for the next waiting vessel


We recommend that you fuel up your vessel as soon as you arrive. A simultaneous departure to the appropriate tide could result from larger crowds waiting times.

At low tide there may not be enough depth at he fueling dock for deep draft vessels. 
The shown image, giving you a brief overview of the location, does not substitute for professional nautical charts. Use at your own risk.


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you should have any further questions. Our staff will gladly assist you.
Phone: +49 47 25 800 89 80